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Fan modifications
Fitting a Kenlowe electric engine fan

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The normal engine driven fan on a mini is normally a good thing. It serves to push cold air coming from the grille out through the radiator, cooling the engine. This is all fine in theory, but when you're sitting in traffic with the engine idling, the fan doesn't push much air, and isn't very efficient. At the other end of the spectrum, when travelling at speed, the fan can actually restric air flow and saps engine power.

An electric fan can be used to replace the engine fan. The advantages of doing so are; Better cooling when sitting in traffic and less power consumed by driving a mechanical fan continualy.

I have chosen to fit a Kenlowe electric fan, bought from Mini Spares Centre Ltd ( The Kenlowe fan kit (C-ARA4400) comes with all the parts you need to fit the fan and connect it to your Minis wiring system.

Click for a larger image.

The fan itself...

Click for a larger image.

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