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Mini Speedo Calculator

If you've done an engine swap, replaced your Mini's gearbox or changed your Mini's final drive you will want to make sure your speedo will read correctly, failure to do so could result in speeding tickets or wondering why your Mini has a top speed of 70mph!

The speedo drive gears can be tweaked, by using different ratios, to get the correct reading. Of course this will also depend on whether or not the speedo is working correctly. With the early clocks you can choose a different speedo to get even closer, with the later type you have less choice.

A speedo which over-reads is better than one which under-reads!


Select the parameters for your Mini's Gearbox and Tyres from the drop-down boxes and the calculator will tell you how accurate your speedo is and how many revs your car should be doing at 60mph in top.

Tyre and Gearbox Information

Tyre Type

Final Drive

Speedo Drive Ratio

Drop Gear Ratio
Note: some Minis and Metros are fitted with a special drop gear, which had 30 teeth instead of the normal 29, this overdrives the box by a factor of 1.04.

Gearbox Ratios








Cable Turns Per Mile:  

Engine Revs / Mile (also revs in top at 60mph):  

Gearbox Ratios

Gear 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Max Speed (MPH) @ 6500rpm        

Tyre Info

Width:  mm
Profile:  %
Wheel Size:  inches
Tyre Diameter:  mm
Circumference:  mm
Tyre Turns / Mile:  

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